Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are Cleanings and Exams?

Both cleanings as well as exams are necessary in preventing and detecting certain intraoral conditions. With the help of a professional dental cleaning, you can prevent decay by removing hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth. The cleaning can even check for signs of gum disease and gingivitis by measuring the depth of the gums. The exam is performed to check for loose restorations, cavities, oral cancer and other problems.

Why are Cleanings and Exams necessary?

Without a cleaning, built-up tartar and plaque will continue to accumulate on the teeth. This can contribute to cavities as well as gingivitis and eventual gum disease. Without an exam, minor problems will go unnoticed until they get much worse. You can think of an exam and cleaning as a part of your preventative care.

What makes you a viable candidate for Cleanings and Exams?

Every member of your family is a candidate for cleanings and exams. In fact, it’s often recommended to bring children in as young as one or two years old for their first dental checkup. From there, it’s recommended that you have dental appointments every six months for a comprehensive exam and cleaning performed by a licensed hygienist. We aim to make your time with us comfortable and convenient for your busy schedule.

What can you expect with a routine Cleaning and Exam?

A licensed dental hygienist will review your medical history and medications with you.  X-rays will be taken and consulted, and Dr Hardin will provide a dental examination.  Any conditions noted will be discussed with you and treatment options will be discussed with you.  The dental hygienist will provide the tooth cleaning to remove hardened plaque, tartar and even stains from the teeth. 

The gums are measured to check for any obvious signs of gum disease and gingivitis. Your teeth will be evaluated for cavities, problems with restorations and other intraoral conditions. The entire procedure takes approximately an hour in our office.  For your first appointment please reserve a little extra time.

If you need a cleaning and exam or want to know more about your preventative care options, call us now and we can help in scheduling an appointment for you.

Dr Hardin and her team are committed to serving Centralia and the surrounding communities with outstanding service, dental expertise, and a fantastic overall experience.

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