Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments and Whitening Treatments

Fluoride Treatments can be provided during your routine dental cleaning appointments.  Additionally, they can be provided at intervals based on your level of cavity risk.  We offer custom trays for prescription fluoride treatments at home, as well as fluoride varnish applications in the office.

Fluoride treatments are recommended for all children at the 6-month routine appointment.  Fluoride treatments are great for adults too and can help to keep you cavity risk low.

Whitening Treatments can be provided for patients with stable tooth and gum health.  Custom whitening trays are made for you and you will be given a starter whitening kit by Opalescence®

The Custom Whitening Kit provides tooth whitening at your leisure and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes per day initially.  Touch up kits are sold separately for that occasional whitening boost.  


Why are Fluoride Treatments needed?

We often recommend fluoride treatments for patients who do not get enough fluoride on a daily basis. If you do not drink fluoridated water or use products that contain fluoride, you may be more prone to developing dental decay. To prevent cavities from developing, fluoride can be used to strengthen teeth. It’s especially beneficial to kids who may not take good care of their teeth with proper brushing and flossing techniques.

What makes you a good candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Before fluoride treatments are done, we’ll perform an exam to determine if you’ll benefit from this particular option. Most patients will benefit from fluoride treatment because it helps to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay. Children can especially benefit from added fluoride as their teeth are more susceptible to cavities. Fluoride treatments can be done at each of your appointments to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

You will come in and have an exam prior to the fluoride treatments. Next, fluoride is brushed onto all surfaces of the teeth and allowed to soak in. You will be instructed to avoid eating and drinking for a short period of time after treatment has been completed. We can provide fluoride treatments at each of your bi-annual appointments. This proactive approach helps to keep teeth strong and healthy that would otherwise be susceptible to decay. If you do not get enough fluoride each day, these treatments can be especially beneficial.

If you are interested in fluoride treatments either for yourself or a loved one, call our office today and we will work to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment for you.

Dr Hardin and her team are committed to serving Centralia and the surrounding communities with outstanding service, dental expertise, and a fantastic overall experience.

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