<b>What is a Tooth Extraction?</b>
An extraction involves complete removal of one or more natural teeth from your mouth. Extractions are the most common oral surgeries performed in most dental offices. A tooth is only extracted to better your overall dental health and when nothing else can be done to save a tooth. In some cases, extractions are necessary to prevent other problems from occurring if the tooth was left in place.

<b>Why is a Tooth Extraction necessary?</b>
Extractions are performed on an as-needed basis. We take every measure to try and save a tooth before it is fully extracted. However, in some cases, an extraction is inevitable and even done to improve overall dental health. Extractions are done easily in our office and we offer a variety of sedation options to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

<b>What makes you an eligible candidate for a Tooth Extraction?</b>
Prior to having an extraction done, we will perform an exam and have a consultation with you. Our goal is to offer different treatment to help save the tooth. X-rays may be needed before the tooth can be removed. Some reasons to have a tooth extracted include:

• A wisdom tooth is impacted and unable to come in fully
• A primary (baby) tooth isn’t coming out on its own
• A tooth is severely decayed or loose
• A tooth is cracked below the gum line
• You want to avoid other procedures to try and save the tooth

<b>What happens during a Tooth Extraction?</b>
We first administer local anesthetic or sedation per your request. We will discuss sedation options during the consult appointment so that you can be prepared for what to expect. We then remove the tooth using different dental instruments. Once the tooth is removed completely, sutures (stitches) may be placed to close the gums and promote optimal healing. You’ll bite down on a clean piece of gauze and be instructed when to remove it. You will be sent home with important aftercare instructions to improve the chances of the surgical site healing in a timely fashion.

If you think you might need to have a tooth extracted and want to learn more about this procedure, call us now and we will help in answering all of your questions.

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