About Us

ABout us

If you are looking for the office, simply look for the Big Pink Door on the corner of the Centralia city square. The pink of course, is an easy way for you to notice where our office is, but also this as a symbol that you can have a little fun when you are here! Dr Hardin and the team love to help you and we love to have a fun time too. Once you come in, we hope you will find laughter and fun while you get your dental work done. You will probably find that you already know us because you probably already have friends here. If you haven’t heard already, you will likely even catch the doctor singing along to the music as she works. 

What sets us apart

  • The best of Modern Technology: The office is proud to have 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), Digital X-rays, Digital Intraoral Photos, Primescan CEREC Technology because these allow for you to have the best of modern dental practice. Composite resin (white filling material) is all we do.
  • Exceptional Standards for Sterilization and Disinfection: Smile Design Center has a state-of-the-art sterilization room, several autoclave machines and systems for processing instruments, as well as a dedicated staff member to prepare and process all instruments that are used in patient care. Testing of waterlines and sterilization processes are routinely completed by our office to ensure your treatments are clean and instruments used in your care are safe.
  • Amalgam Processing: We also practice safe collection of amalgam wastes. Although we do not place any silver fillings in the office, the treatments which require their removal are common. We utilize high speed evacuation systems to remove the silver particles as they are removed from the tooth. These particles are separated from the water waste and are contained. This prevents dental amalgam from entering our water systems in this area. Amalgam wastes are collected and processed by a recycling and refining company to dispose of them properly and safely.
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